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Women / Age 23 / Poland / Tokyo
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  • Monica polish model traveling in Tokyo . Looking for a fun partner ? Join me in my adventure in the pleasure industry! Looking for more details please WhatsApp me now!
    Monica with love ...
    Men / Age 25 / Canada / Other
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  • Hi, I am Canadian , I am 25 and looking for girls , that wanna hang out and have fun.
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    Anderson Clifford
    Men / Age 38 / Canada / Other
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    Men / Age 25 / Canada / Tokyo
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  • Hi, I am Canadian , I am 25 and looking for girls , that wanna hang out and have fun.
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    Men / Age 19 / Canada / Gunma
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    Men / Age 45 / Canada / Tokyo
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  • Looking to spend some time with a quality Japanese woman for a couple of hours. Must like to be masssaged.
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    Women / Age 23 / Canada / Other
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  • I will be in japan soon! See you!

    Instagram: miakatrina2020

    Twitter: miaoriental

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    Women / Age 37 / Canada / Other
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  • こんにちは外国人友達掲示板
    よかったら、下記Line IDです。
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    Women / Age 18 / Canada / Other
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  • *有給のレッスンです!*
    こんにちは!Madisonです!十八歳でカナダから来ます!英語習いたい学生を探しています!日本語が話せないので会話で英語を教えます!私と英語を習ったかったらぜひメッセージを送ってください!価格は: 30分の英会話=1500円
    2019-09-21 14:04 Delete
    Women / Age 18 / Canada / Other
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  • Hi, My name is Madison and I am a native English speaker! I am looking for student who would like to learn English! I can not speak Japanese, so I teach by English conversation!

    I am 18 years old, so I am good at casual conversations and slang! If you would like to learn with me, please email me at

    Only 1,500 yen for 30 minutes of free talk!
    2019-09-21 14:03 Delete

    Free online dating site to meet Japanese

    Tomodachi Japan is a completely free online dating site to meet girls and guys. Anyone can easily join in without actually having to register! Every day, many Japanese and foreigners who are interested in Japan participate.

    Meet new people in Japan

    Tomodachi Japan is a perfect place in Japan for people looking for various types of encounters. For people just looking to find friends, language exchange partner, hang out, boyfriend, girlfriend, adult dating, hookup or sex partner. If you are feeling lonely in Japan, tomodachi Japan is the place for you to meet your ideal person!

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    You don't need any money to use tomodachi Japan. No matter how much you use it, it is 100% free. There is no need to fill out troublesome registration sheets for tomodachi Japan! It is a simple online site that anyone can join immediately regardless of nationality or where they live.

    Very simple to use

    How to use tomodachi Japan is very simple. Just post your nickname, gender, age, nationality, region, SNS information, text, and finally Delete Code for the "Post"! If you want to delete a post, you can always delete it by pressing the "Delete" button. You can also search for people who meet your criteria from the "Search" function even if you do not post anything on the site!

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    Tomodachi Japan offers the best encounters in Japan. Looking for a Japanese partner? Are you interested in Japanese culture? Do you have a narrow mind in Japan just because you are a foreigner? No time to wait! Find your ideal partner and start chatting now with them now on tomodachi Japan!