Terms of Use

These Terms of Use define the conditions of use, matters concerning use, and other necessary matters regarding "tomodachi Japan" (hereinafter referred to as "the Site"). In order to use this site, you must agree to the Terms of Use below. By using and viewing this service, you are deemed to have accepted the terms of this agreement. Article 1 Use of this Site Any information necessary for the post should be entered via a terminal owned by the User and sent to this site under the responsibility of that User. If the Site determines that the terminal used is owned by a third party, or if the Site determines that another person's name or equivalent is used, the Site will delete the user's post and reserves the right to refuse to provide service in the future. Article 2 User Obligations and Responsibilities ・ Users use the Site at their own risk and use the information obtained from this site at their own discretion and responsibility. ・ The User bears all responsibility caused by a violation of the Terms of Use, etc. for his / her own acts on this site. ・ If the User finds a violation of these Terms of Use committed by someone else, he / she shall immediately report it to this Site. ・ If the User violates the Terms of Use and expenses or damages are accrued by the Site, he / she shall bear all expenses including compensation for damages arising from the violation and legal fees. ・ The User shall bear all legal responsibility for his / her own acts on this site. This site is exempted from any responsibility for the User's actions on this site. Article 3 User Content ・ The copyright of user content belongs to the person who created the work. ・ This site does not censor in advance any content submitted by the Users on this site. Therefore, there is a possibility that content posted on this site is offensive to other Users such as slander, discrimination, criticism, obscene content, content that violates Japanese law, or any other content that is likely to be posted on this site as User content. This Site, basically, does not know anything about the user content posted, and does not bear any responsibility. ・The User holds the copyright of any work is owned by the User contained for work that is considered as their User Content. If a User is properly authorized to use the work by the copyright holder, they must guarantee to use that work in a lawful manner. In the event that a third party makes an objection about the User Content, the User is responsible. ・ The User shall be responsible for all damages, including physical and mental damage, resulting from his / her User Content and its data regardless of the presence or absence of negligence. ・ This site holds the right to browse all user content on this site as necessary for operation purposes. If it is judged that User Content on the Site violates the Terms of Use based on its own discretion, the User will be contacted in advance. All or part of the User Content can be set as being Private or Deleted without prior notice. ・ It the Site is able to confirm the contents prior to posting on this site due to the User sending it in beforehand, if it is judged that it violates these Terms of Use, it may be possible to continue with the posting with certain restrictions / deletion. ・ When we are asked to delete user content, it is not a promise that it will be deleted. Even if the User suffers from the posted content, the Site does not take any responsibility. ・ If the Site determines that protection of our rights, property or service, etc., or the life, body or property of a third party is required, we will disclose and provide necessary User Content to third parties such as the police. Article 4 Prohibited matters ・ Prostitution or solicitation of child prostitution, placement and all acts similar to it ・ Acts that describe personal information such as e-mail addressed and telephone numbers ・ Sending via e-mail, posting, sending a link to sexual information such as images of acts of sexual activity and nude images, video, audio, etc. ・ Acts that interferes with the use of this site by a third party ・ Acts that make third parties unpleasant, such as acts that give disgust or annoyance to third parties, discrimination, abuse, slander, or promoting unfair discrimination against third parties ・ Acts that violate the property, privacy or credibility of a third party ・ Acts of collecting and disclosing personal information of third parties without permission ・ The act of impersonating other users and third parties ・ Acts that infringe copyrights by posting images, lyrics, etc. without the consent of the rights holder, sending e-mail etc. ・ Acts that infringe on portrait rights by posting or sending e-mails, etc. without permission of the person who holds the rights to an image, video, etc., in which the portrait of a third party appears ・ Acts that infringe intellectual property rights (patent rights, design rights, trademark rights etc.) of this site or a third party ・ Posting contents such as group suicide and suicide notices, suicide methods, promoting / attracting death, posting an email etc. ・ The act of using this site as a place of business such as solicitation, sales, advertising, transfer, sale, exchange etc without prior permission from the Site ・ Acts that cause unauthorized access to or an excessive load on the server of the Site ・ Duplicating, copying, modifying, adding, modifying and secondary use of all or part of the software and data used in this site ・ An act that interferes with the operation of this site or an act that attracts or promotes the such an act ・ Acts against public order and morals ・ All other acts that this site deems inappropriate Article 5 Restriction of Use of this site ・ When the Site finds that the user violates these Terms of Use, this site shall perform the following measures. ・ Stop the service provision of all or part of this site to the User ・ Private setting or deletion of all or part of the User Content ・ If you perform solicitation, you cannot expect immediate deletion. ・ Access prohibition measures Article 6 External link ・ About advertisement published in this site, and use of the services of a linked site, are assumed it to be under the responsibility of the User and the concerned advertiser linked site, and not to do with the Site at all. ・ This site is not responsible for any damage caused by the use of the transaction service performed by the advertisement / external link displayed in the service and the damage caused by the advertisement itself. Article 7 Personal Information Information received under this service will be handled strictly in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act and will be used within the scope of the following purposes. ・ Statistics in a state where individuals cannot be identified, and for the purpose of aggregating and analyzing information for the purpose of improving this service ・ For sending e-mails, e-mail magazines, and various notifications pertaining to this service ・ Others, for the purpose attached to the above purposes Article 8 Provision of Information This service may disclose information to the following third parties as required and / or required for information disclosure and content of users. ・ When there is a lawful inquiry from the court, the police, other judicial or administrative bodies, or persons who follow them. ・ When it is necessary to cope with the claim for the post contents infringing the rights of a third party ・ When it is judged that it violates the regulations defined by the law or this site and there are other problems in social norms ・ If necessary to protect the rights or interests of this site, other users, or other third parties ・ When it is judged as necessary by the Site Article 9 Disclaimer ・ This site is basically not involved in any communication or activity between users. In the event there is a problem between users and conflicts, problems between the users, the advertisers of the ads posted on the site, and the linked sites, the parties shall resolve the problem themselves with the Site not being responsible. ・ If you conduct solicitation, we will charge you 150 yen per post as administrative expenses and attorney's expenses to make a request for disclosure of sender information based on the Provider Liability Limitation Act, as well as deletion expenses. ・ If this site is disadvantaged by the customer's nuisance, you will be charged all the costs necessary to solve the problem. ・This site is not liable for any loss of use opportunity that occurred to the user, business interruption, failure to obtain the expected benefits, and all kinds of damages other than those stated in the preceding paragraph. will do. Article 10 Change of Service The service provided by this site can be suspended, stopped, changed, or abolished at any time without notice, with no obligation towards the Users. In addition, we do not take any responsibility whatsoever for any damage to the users caused by interruption, stoppage, change, or abolition of the service of the Site. This site holds the right to place restrictions on the use of the User's service as necessary to prevent the termination of the service, etc. Article 11 Change of Terms We may change this agreement without prior notice as necessary. As we cannot notify you every time this agreement is revised, please refer to the latest Terms of Use before using the site. If the terms and conditions are changed, the changed contents shall be effective immediately after posting on this site.